How do you get rid of salamanders?


To get rid of salamanders you need to first get rid of the bugs around your plants. If the bugs are dead the salamanders have no food making them leave. Spray the area with a pesticide.
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You can get rid of salamanders by raking and bagging leaves that are piled up. Remove loose rocks, so the salamanders don't have a place to hide. Use insecticides to rid the yard
Newts and salamanders don't do any harm and in many places they are protected species because their numbers have been drastically reduced in recent decades.
You cannot get rid of them because they migrate and move about. If you remove them, new ones will come, if the area you live in is in the path of their migration. Just leave them
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How to Get Rid of Salamanders
Salamanders are amphibians that are small and lizard-like in appearance. They have moist skin which requires them to be near or in water and damp woodlands or swampy areas. They can be a nuisance to some people, but are actually helpful, as they eat... More »
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Salamanders are attracted to moist locations like inside a pile of damp leaves or in the moist dirt under a rock. Eliminating damp areas in your yard will eliminate salamanders. You can find more information here:
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