How to Get Rid of Scorpions in My House?


Scorpions are predatory animals with eight legs and a pair of grasping claws with the narrow, segmented tail which is sometimes venomous. To get rid of these creatures from your house you can spray insecticide into their hiding places and seal gaping holes in the house. Make sure that the house is not damp as they usually enter homes to look for water.
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search in dark hiding places. DONT. TOUCH WITH BARE HANDS.
1. Remove the scorpions' hiding places in your yard. Get rid of piles of wood, trash, leaves, rock and loose boards. Wear heavy gloves while moving debris, in case you encounter a
1. Eliminate excess moisture. Scorpions enter homes looking for water. Keep floors, corners, closets and crawl spaces dry and free of leaks. Refrain from allowing water to stand in
Make sure you don't let bushes rest against your house. Have palm trees
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