How can I get rid of slugs inside a home?


Diatomaceous earth, beer and removing places where slugs live are some ways to eliminate or reduce the presence of slugs. Identifying the place where slugs are entering the home is a necessary step to improve the effectiveness of baits and traps.

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1. Understand that slugs are notorious for eating seedlings, flowers and vegetables while you sleep, and they can do a lot of damage in short order if they go unchecked. Their favorite
Salt is one thing. Or you could put out a shallow tin of beer. If you don't want to use beer, mix yeast, sugar, and water together for a similar substance: The person I heard that
1. Make a cornmeal trap. Put a tablespoon or two of cornmeal in a jar and lay it on its side wherever there is slug activity. The slugs will be attracted to the scent, but the texture
Missdee is totally wrong. Slugs LOVE beer. If you put out low pans (like disposable plastic plates or foil pie pans) on the ground filled with beer (use cheap stuff - don't waste
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