How do you get rid of smells in a washing machine?


In order to get rid of a smell in a washing machine, you may need to run a load of towels with lots of detergent and bleach and use some vinegar to rinse. Only put a few towels in so that there is plenty of water and soap touching all sides of the washing machine to remove odor causing material.
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1. Wipe the seal around the door with a clean damp cloth to remove dirt, debris or any other type of grime that may be trapped within. 2. Fill a bucket half full with hot water, then
1 Identify the source . The main cause is usually use of a wrong type of detergent that creates too many suds. These suds collect in nooks and crannies and cause mold. Switch from
Answer Try running a hot water full tub of with vinegar and a few old towel or stuff that is kinda soft through the longest cycle you have. then open the machine, remove the towels,
My son washed his gasoline soaked clothes in my washer and then everything smelled like gas. I used oxy-clean, bleach, regular detergent, vinegar, I even washed the inside of the
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How to Get Rid of Smell in a Washing Machine
Though it’s one of the last places in our home to expect to get dirty, buildup from detergents can leave soap scum in a washing machine that can cause an unpleasant odor from time to time. This odor can transfer to the clothing, lending an unclean... More »
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