How to Get Rid of Spirits?


Exorcism is the process of getting rid of spirits. It is conducted by an exorcism specialist who does the exorcism ritual. This ritual is a step by step process which entails specific details such as reciting of specific verses in the bible and sanctifying the possessed person or place with holy water.
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To get rid of spirits contact your local church. The minister there would be happy to come and bless your home which will in turn get rid of unwanted guests.
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To get rid of spirits you will need to have your house blessed by a priest. You can also cleanse your house by burning sage. Burn sage in every corner of your house while asking them
1. Ask the presence to leave you. Talking to the spirit will alert it that you are aware of its presence and want it to leave. In some cases, the spirit will simply leave you after
Simple, Pray to Jesus. With a simple prayer such as: Dear Father, Please take these spirits away from _ and please keep me safe and lead me to you. Amen. Fill in the blank with the
Tell the spirit that it is not welcome here unless it can prove that god exist.
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Evil spirits control through fear. To get rid of them, replace fear with love, for perfect love cast out all fear. Without fear, the controlling ghost is unable ...
Smudging is a process of removing bad spirits from a building so that good spirits can dominate. This is accomplished by holding a smouldering bunch of sage leaves ...
In order get rid of evil spirits in one’s house, one will need salt and a religious book which offers a passage about moving on to the next life and being ...
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