How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in Your House?


Rubbing a dryer sheet across materials, clothing, or other surfaces prevents and stops electric cling. This may need to be done once a week to ensure cling is prevented.
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Static electricity is more noticeable during the winter, because cold air is typically much drier than warm summer air. You can take some steps to reduce the amount of static electricity
If you have a lot of static electricity in your home your house is to dry. This happens a lot in the cool weather when furnaces are on. Try adding a humidifier to your furnace of
If you get a humidifier it will increase the moisture in your home which
shock someone.
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One can eliminate static electricity in a house by use of natural fiber clothing and getting rid of synthetic clothing. Dryer sheets eliminate static electricity ...
Static electricity in the house is caused from dry air. You can use carpet freshener on the carpets to help control it. Also, using a humidifier so the air won't ...
During the winter months we are plagued with terrible static cling in our clothes and our carpeting. I have found by mixing 3 parts water to 1 part liquid fabric ...
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