How do you get rid of static on a cordless phone?


Cordless phones are home phones that can be detached from the unit. Although this allows freedom of range, it can create static. To get rid of static on the cordless phone, check your connection and your jack.
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1. Pull your phone’s antenna all the way out if it has one. This is a simple step, though, in the hurry to answer your phone, you might overlook it. 2. Do not touch the specific
Dial star 65 this will turn on your phone caller ID, If you have caller ID service.
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How to get rid of static on cordless phones, is a common problem. The reason why it's a common problem is because the handset has to connect with the signal from the base. You didn't mention the age or type of cordless phone you have. Naturally quality cordless cell phones are going to cost more money, but the less expensive phones may give you more static. Also, there may be some signal interference where you live, that gives you more static than normal. The only thing you can really do is try to invest in a cordless phone that has features that reduce, or eliminate static. There is really no way to get rid of it on a phone, unless you experiment to see if you get better reception in some rooms, than others.
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