How to Get Rid of Stomach Gas?


To get rid of stomach gas you can start by making sure that your diet is low in dairy. Eating healthy and exercising is also good for stomach gas. You can also use over the counter medications such as Gas-X to help release some of the gas in your stomach.
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The stomach is a muscular J-shaped organ of the digestive tract. It temporarily stores and mixes food; it also secretes gastric juice into the lumen (the hollow inside the stomach) and a hormone called gastrin into the blood . More »
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There are many over the counter remedies for stomach gas that can be taken before or after the problem occurs. One home remedy for gas is taking a drop of mint oil.
Bloating and gas build-up can occur after eating foods that are high in fiber, or can be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome. The key to reducing gas bubbles in your stomach is
There are many ways a person can get rid of stomach gas. One could avoid foods that would cause excessive gas or buy an over the counter remedy that would provide temporary relief.
Taking an over the counter gas medication such as Beano is an
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Gas in the stomach can be painful as it is trapped. To get rid of it may be as simple as taking an antacid. If it continues, consider changing your diet as an ...
Anti-flatulent pharmaceutical products that contain simethicone can be used to get rid of trapped wind in the stomach. Simethicone breaks down the bubbles of gas ...
There are several remedies for farting or flatulence. Some of the ways of getting rid of the stomach gas include eating and drinking properly, reducing dairy intake ...
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