How do you get rid of swirl marks in paint?


How to get rid of swirl marks in paint depends on the cause of the swirl marks. If they were caused in the actual painting of the car, it will need to be repainted to get rid of the swirl marks. However, if the marks are from mistakes in cleaning or polishing, it is possible to get rid of them yourself by thoroughly washing the car and applying the polish properly.
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1. Wet the 2000-grit sandpaper with water, then sand down the surface of the vehicle. Do not apply too much pressure, as this could cause more swirl marks. On an all-over paint job,
Shallow swirl marks on car paint can be removed using a
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If you don't mind spending a little money (It shouldn't be that expensive) go to a body shop and ask them to buff the swirlmarks out for you. They will most likely use a foam pad
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