How do you get rid of underarm odor from clothes?


To get rid of underarm odor from clothes you can use a mixture of vinegar and borax powder to apply on the affected areas. Rub the mixture in and then wash in the washing machine.
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1. Spray the underarm area of the clothing with white vinegar. 2. Sprinkle borax powder over the white vinegar. 3. Spray more white vinegar on the borax to get the powder wet. 4.
i have heard that if you put ground coffee in a purse that it gets rid of the fishy odor. but im not sure how long to leave it in for.
For animals start with a mix of 1 Qt peroxide & 1/4 cup of baking soda with two tsp of liquid dish soap in it. Wet down the dog, scrub the mix as deeply. MORE? report this answer
Alan, I had to respond. You said the odor is most noticeable when you lift the lid? So you keep the seat lid down, as a rule, and when you lift it you notice the smell? Are you
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