How do you get rid of water blisters?


The best way to get rid of water blisters is to try to prevent them. Another way is by covering it with aloe. Also a person can cover it with antibiotic cream. A blister should never be popped.
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1. Fill a tub or clean basin with warm water. Do not make it too hot or cold. Lower the part of the body with the blister into the water. Add some antibacterial soap and swirl it
Do not burst the blister as this can lead to infection. Let the fluid disperse on its own. However you can rub it gently with aloe or aloe based product. It is suggested that until
A high-sodium diet can cause your body to retain fluids, increasing your body weight. Get rid of excessive water weight by decreasing your intake of salt. According to the Mayo Clinic
1. Create an abrasive paste by mixing corn oil and salt or baking soda and water together. Dab the paste on the ring and rub it along the grain of the wood where the water ring stain
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How to Get Rid of Water Blisters
Water blisters are sacs beneath the top layer of the skin filled with plasma, the clear component of blood. Friction, burns (including sunburn) and overexposure to heat or cold usually cause them. Exposure to certain caustic chemicals can also cause... More »
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