How to Get Rid of Wild Turkeys?


There is several things that you can do to get rid of wild turkeys. A dog will scare them away or if you have a sprinkler system it will work also.
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Darned if I know. We are invaded too, but only since we had to put our dog down. So I have concluded the best way to keep turkeys at bay is to have a dog. I've tried a number of other
1. Clean your bird. If the turkey is not skinned, skin it, cut off its head and feet, and clean out the intestinal cavity. Or follow Step 2. 2. As an alternative, boil a very large
1. Clean your bird. Pluck the feathers, and skin the bird. Cut off the head and feet. Clean out the intestinal cavity. Place the bird in a large pot of boiling water, if you have
To get rid of wild turkeys: If you have a dog, that will certainly scare them off. A motion
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Unless it is hunting season, you are barred from shooting wild turkeys to get rid of them. Your only other option is to call a professional wild life trapper who can capture them and move them to a safer location.
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