How do you get rid of wild turkeys?


According to the Humane Society, the best ways to get rid of wild turkeys are to refrain from feeding them and to scare them away. Making noises, popping umbrellas and allowing leashed dogs to bark at them are also effective techniques.

Although some people kill wild turkeys to get rid of them, this does not solve the problem since more turkeys are likely to take their place. Instead, scaring them away with noises or by turning the hose on them can be effective. There are also motion-activated scarecrows that can spray water on interloping turkeys. Placing birdwire on roofs keeps them away as well. Plants and gardens can be protected from wild turkeys by covering them with cloth.

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Darned if I know. We are invaded too, but only since we had to put our dog down. So I have concluded the best way to keep turkeys at bay is to have a dog. I've tried a number of other
1. Disturb the comfort of turkey buzzard that are roosting at night in trees by shaking the trees, clapping and shouting directly beneath the trees, and/or by shooting off firecrackers
A wild turkey can fly up to 55 miles per hour if he has to. The only reason he would have to is if Thanksgiving is right around the corner!You can find more information here:
To get rid of wild turkeys: If you have a dog, that will certainly scare them off. A motion
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