How to Get Rid of Yellow Toenails from Nail Polish?


Toenails or fingernails that have been stained yellow from wearing nail polish do have hope of looking healthy again. Sally Hansen advises that you can pour three capfuls of peroxide into 1/3 cup of water and soak your nails for two minutes. Afterwards brush your nails with a toothbrush that has been dipped in the solution and finish up with a non acetone nail polish remover.
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Usually yellow toenails are caused by fungus and sometimes need t be seen by a doctor. I know drug stores sell things like this as well, so try them too.
When dark nailpolish colors discolor your nails or toenails, you can get rid of the yellowish stain by using nail buffers. The discoloration doesnt go very deep. I'm referring to
1. Soak a cotton swab in tea tree oil. Each morning or night after you take a shower, rub the oil on top of your yellow toenail and under if possible. This is actually a natural and
1. Purchase some toenail cleanser. Your local chemist should have a product available for you. Discuss to your chemist the best possible cleanser possible. Also ask for directions
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In order to get rid of yellow nails, one will need several materials, including: nail polish remover, a base coat, and a cigarette filter. The first step in this ...
Nail polish is a lacquer applied to toenails and or fingernails for appearance and nail protection. Nail polishes are made of nitrocellulose dissolved in a solvent ...
The best way to get rid of yellow toenails is to treat the infected area with a fungus medication. You can purchase fungus medications at your local pharmacy. ...
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