How to Get Ruby to Celio in Pokemon Fire Red?


To get ruby to Celio in Pokemon Fire Red start by going to Mt. Ember, climb up the stairs and go right, there you will find two Rocket members conversing about the secret password to each other, while blocking the entrance. Go and battle both of them until you defeat them and they will leave you. Go inside the cave and follow the path that will lead to a boulder puzzle then reach for a fork in the road. Take the south road and go on to the next room, where you will pick up the Ruby at the centre of the room. Leave Mt. Ember, and return to Celio and hand him the Ruby.
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Go to mt ember and go into the cave that is blocked by rockets then go in the cave and in here you need strength here you find the ruby, after delivering the ruby to celio go to four
1. Defeat the Elite Four in each of their gyms. 2. Travel to Mount Ember on Number One island. 3. Defeat Team Rocket, blocks the right side entrance, to enter the maze. 4. Beat the
To obtain the Ruby Gem, you
when you got to 4 5 6 7 AND SO ON Island Ill tell ye'!
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