How to Get Sharpie out of Clothes?


In order to get Sharpie out of clothes, try picking up a laundry stain remover from your local grocery store. The stain remover called Shout works wonders. Apply the stain remove to the Sharpie stain and let it sit for a good half an hour. From there, throw the stained clothing in the laundry machine as you normally would.
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all i can give u is to stain treat it, scrub the crap out of it with hand soap or just tide stick it. wash it a few times or email the sharpie company.
Sharpie markers are a convenient way to leave a lasting mark on items that you want to apply a permanent label to. However, the lasting quality of these markers is less appreciable
You can try to get Super Glue of of clothes by soaking the item in acetone, like nail polish remover. Make sure the acetone won't harm the clothes by testing a cuff first. use an
If a commercial stain remover failed to remove the stain, try treating the spot
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How to Remove Sharpie Ink From Clothing
If Sharpie ink gets on clothing, don't throw out the garment without first attempting stain removal. Although Sharpie is considered a permanent marker, the stain on your clothing does not have to be. Remove Sharpie ink from clothing quickly and... More »
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