How to Get Sharpie out of Clothes?


In order to get Sharpie out of clothes, try picking up a laundry stain remover from your local grocery store. The stain remover called Shout works wonders. Apply the stain remove to the Sharpie stain and let it sit for a good half an hour. From there, throw the stained clothing in the laundry machine as you normally would.
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1. Saturate a clean cotton ball in denatured alcohol and blot the cloth surrounding the stain to keep the ink from bleeding. 2. Lay the marker-stained cloth face down on a white paper
Put a towel or something between the fabric. Then, pour nail polish remover on the
That's a tough situation. I would try the stain remover called "Shout. Tide pens are good too, but sometimes they can bleach the color out of your clothes in addition to removing
all you do is wash it. when sharpie gets on my shirts i forget about it and wash them just to see later that my shirt is ruined. So if you just wash it normally nothing will happen.
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How to Remove Sharpie Ink From Clothing
If Sharpie ink gets on clothing, don't throw out the garment without first attempting stain removal. Although Sharpie is considered a permanent marker, the stain on your clothing does not have to be. Remove Sharpie ink from clothing quickly and... More »
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