How do you get someone deported?


Non American citizens can be deported from the United States. The violations that are cause for removal from the country are generally fraudulent marriages, refusing to leave after a temporary visitors pass has expired or sneaking into the USA and pretending to be an American Citizen. There are court hearings and the result is either allowing the person to stay or sending the individual back to their native country. For more information look here: Common Reasons for Deportation; Deportation from the United States
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One can't deport someone simply because they feel like it. If one is concerned about someone living in the country illegally then one should report that person to the local Immigration
If your reported to the police or ICE, if you commit crimes while in a country, etc.
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If you want to report an alien or someone who is in your country illegally, all you have to do is call the immigration department's office. You can make an anonymous ...
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