How do you get someone deported?


Non American citizens can be deported from the United States. The violations that are cause for removal from the country are generally fraudulent marriages, refusing to leave after a temporary visitors pass has expired or sneaking into the USA and pretending to be an American Citizen. There are court hearings and the result is either allowing the person to stay or sending the individual back to their native country. For more information look here: Common Reasons for Deportation; Deportation from the United States
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1. Enlist an immigration attorney to assist in expediting papers to avoid an imminent deportation. 2. Prepare your original copies of identification documents, such as birth certificate
You can report them to your State or Federal franchise board to report unauthoriazation of employment and for possiably not paying their taxes. You can also NOTIFY your local ICE
The decision to investigate and take a foreigner into custody depends upon the discretion of the DHS/ICE. Some foreigners may be less of a priority than others for obvious reasons
How to get in touch with someone who got deported depends on where
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