How do you get a sour smell out of towels?


To get the sour smell out of towels, add two cups of white vinegar to a washing machine tub full of hot water. After they have finished washing in the vinegar and water, wash a second time with laundry detergent. Dry towels immediately, using the hottest setting that the dryer allows.
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1. Load towels into the washing machine and set it on the hottest wash cycle. 2. Add your usual amount of laundry soap to the machine and pour 2 cups of sudsy ammonia into the washer
You'll need to 'strip' your towels in order to get the smell out. I've written an extensive how-to guide on removing the smell from towels. Here are a few exerpts: 1) Wash towels
I spray mine with Lysol before I wash them and let them sit for a few always works for mine, especially because my kids always leave theirs damp by the pool.
To remove the sour odor of clothes you generally wash them (again if they have already been washed) with detergent. When my brother moved out of our parent's home he left his old
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How to Get a Sour Smell Out of Your Towels
When you step out of the shower or bathtub, fresh and clean, only to end up drying off with a sour smelling towel, it can be rather unpleasant. With each use, towels are exposed to many things that contribute to that nasty sour odor. Dead skin cells,... More »
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