How to Get Stains off of Dentures?


To remove stains from dentures, they should be brushed after every meal and soaked overnight. To remove stubborn stains, an ultrasonic toothbrush can be used. Dentures are porous and so are prone to staining.
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1. Remove all food particles from your dentures. Food particles contribute to further staining. Use a small to medium-headed toothbrush with an angled head and soft bristles. The
1. Sawdust absorbs a wet stain on cement. Cover the wood finish stain with sawdust as quickly as possible. Leave the sawdust on the cement surface for 10 to 15 minutes to absorb the
1. Wash the stained area gently with hand soap. Most Popsicle stains will disappear quickly. 2. If the stain still remains, pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball
1. Remove the burner grates or drip pans if they contain any burnt food stains. Soak them in hot soapy dishwater and wash them as you would your dishes. 2. Saturate the burnt stain
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How to Get Stains Off of Dentures
Like regular teeth, your dentures must be cleaned and rinsed daily to remove food particles and prevent stains from drinks, food or nicotine. But dentures need special cleaners that differ from regular toothpaste. Modern dentures are made of plastic,... More »
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