How to Get Strength for Pokemon Fire Red?


In order to get Strength for Pokémon Fire Red, one has to first get two missing items contained in the Safari Zone itemballs then head to the warden's house in the eastern part of the city. Give the warden gold teeth and he will give you HM09-Strength.
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You need the rainbow badge which you get a celadon city Hm cut is needed.
A way to build up strength in the Pokemon Fire Red is achieving maximum
1. Travel to Fuchsia City. 2. Go to the Safari Zone. 3. Pick up the golden teeth that are next to the Secret House. 4. Deliver the teeth to the warden. He lives in the house on the
HM 04 Strength is located in Fuschia City in Pokemon Fire Red - Leaf Green. Want a Walk through? report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 09:06AM EST. Source:
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