How can I get strength for Pokemon Fire Red?


In order to get Strength for Pokémon Fire Red, one has to first get two missing items contained in the Safari Zone itemballs then head to the warden's house in the eastern part of the city. Give the warden gold teeth and he will give you HM09-Strength.
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First you must go into the safari zone which is in fuchsia city, Second when your in the safari zone head to Area 2 then go up and follow the path around some trees to reach a secret
1. Take the ferry to Vermilion City. 2. Fly to Cerulean City from Vermilion City. 3. Go north from Cerulean City into Route 24. 4. Surf south from Route 24. Continue to surf south
You have to go in to the Safari Zone and get the gold teeth or and
1. Beat the elite four (and the champ) 2. Use leaf green (or another fire red card) to trade Pokemon (you will need to restart a few times with deferring starters each time for the
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