How can I get strength for Pokemon Fire Red?


In order to get Strength for Pokémon Fire Red, one has to first get two missing items contained in the Safari Zone itemballs then head to the warden's house in the eastern part of the city. Give the warden gold teeth and he will give you HM09-Strength.
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Getting around in a pokemon game is quite a task. You may not know where to find hot spots or other pokemon. To find eight island on pokemon fire red you have to work the mystery
Search the Safari Zone for the item "Gold Teeth," once you find them; Go to the South West of Fuschia City and you will see 2 houses, enter one of them (i forget which one
1. Find a Wonder Spot. A Wonder Spot cannot be found inside the game. A Wonder Spot is actually a machine that Nintendo brings to its Pokemon social events. Wonder Spot machines have
go to a house.
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