How can I get strength for Pokemon Fire Red?


In order to get Strength for Pokémon Fire Red, one has to first get two missing items contained in the Safari Zone itemballs then head to the warden's house in the eastern part of the city. Give the warden gold teeth and he will give you HM09-Strength.
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First you must go into the safari zone which is in fuchsia city, Second when your in the safari zone head to Area 2 then go up and follow the path around some trees to reach a secret
1. Ensure that you have one empty space in your Pokémon party as well as a Pokémon with high happiness (any Pokémon you've had for a long time, such as your starter
Mew is not available in Pokemon version fire red. Mew is an ancient Pokemon that has psychic powers and looks like a large cat that walks on two feet.
1. Before you ever attempt to catch him, save the game. Ad. 2. Load up on Ultra Balls and Timer Balls (found on Island 2) 3. Don't fight Mewtwo! It helps but wastes time. 4. Use your
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According to Bulbapedia, there are four glitches in both Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green. These inlcude the Infinite Nugget, the Poke Flute, the Roaming ...
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