How do you get Strength in Pokémon "Pearl?"?


Players receive the hidden machine for Strength from one of the two old women on the fifth floor of the Lost Tower on Route 209. Players must first earn the Mine Badge to teach Strength to a Pokémon, according to Bulbapedia.

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1. Obtain the HM "Strength" at the top of The Lost Tower. Note that you will only be able to use "Strength" in battle, not outdoors. 2. Defeat the gym leader at
You can get the HM strength, in the 5 floor of the lost tower. The lost tower is located south of Solaceon Town.
In Pokemon Pearl, HM 04 (Strength) is located at the top floor of the Lost
Go to solaceon City, and go down a route. while going down the route, u should c a tall white house, go in and make ur self to the top. at the top talk to the person that is at the
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