How to Get Tar out of Clothes?


Some products that you can use to get tar out of clothes are Goo Gone, and WD40. Treat the fabric with either of these products and then wash. It is not recommend to use a flammable liquid to try to get tar out of clothes.
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Rub butter into the tar stain using a clean, dry rag. Apply the butter generously. Use only unsalted butter because the salt in salted butter can cause the stain to set into the fabric
1. Peel off as much tar as possible before treating. Ad. 2. Test your chosen method on a small area or one garment. Some fabrics may be lightened in color, stained, weakened or have
Dear Mary, I have a laundry and i try to remove tar stain by different chemicals like " Tar Go" but it didn t used because the shirt was cleaning by detergent before. Please
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Pine Tree Tar is very sticky and easily gets into clothes. This would sticky substance makes it seem that how to get out would be difficult. However this is not ...
First take protective measures like wearing eye goggles, apron, old clothes and rubber gloves. Then dip the scrub brush into the chemical and use circular motions ...
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