How to Get the Yellow out of White Clothes?


You can get the yellow out of white clothes by using a whitening product. These are available in powder or sachet format. They either get put in the drum or the detergent dispenser of your washer. You could also use bleach in small amounts. Some people swear by line drying their clothes in the sun to whiten clothes.
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1. Use extremely hot water during your laundry cycle. Keep the material in mind when selecting the temperature for your laundry. For example, cotton can withstand temperatures of
It's best to first know the nature of the yellowing, and determine the type of fabric. If the yellowing is caused by rust in the water, a chemical used for removing iron from clothing
My Laundry Question. My white clothes and linens are turning yellow. I don't use bleach at all. I wash with liquid All detergent and use liquid Downy softner. I sometimes use hot
1. Fill a tub with hot water. Ad. 2. Add the bleach and detergent. 3. Add the clothes and leave to soak overnight. 4. Check in the morning. Wash in a normal cycle, rinse, and hang
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How to Get the Yellow Out of White Clothes
Clothing can become stained in many different ways. One of the most frustrating stains is the dreaded yellow, sweat stain on a nice, white shirt. Regardless of the different methods used to eradicate the stain, it is often fruitless labor. Commercial... More »
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Yellow stains are very conspicuous when they show up on white cloth. To remove these stains out completely, you need to adopt to a special cleaning and drying ...
Sometimes white clothes get yellow stains from either sweat or being stored improperly. One method of removal is to mix a solution of oxygen-based bleach and warm ...
What I have tried to remove yellow stains from white clothes, is to wash the garment in hot water with about 1 cup of vinegar. Then, scrub the stained area, rinse ...
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