How do you get the yellow color out of white clothes?


You can get the yellow out of white clothes by using a whitening product. These are available in powder or sachet format. They either get put in the drum or the detergent dispenser of your washer. You could also use bleach in small amounts. Some people swear by line drying their clothes in the sun to whiten clothes.
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1. Hang clothing up to check for stains. Inspect the fabric. Identify all areas that need treatment. Generally, you can find problem areas under the arms and around the neckline.
That depends on how yellow we are talking. Slightly yellowed garments I would recommend trying on the white wash cycle of your washing machine with a for whites detergent. If the
1. Mix cream of tartar and table salt in equal parts with hot water into a paste and rub it into the stained area with a clean cloth or soft bristle brush. Allow the mixture to sit
1. Blot dye spilled onto carpet with a rag. 2. Put ½ tsp. soda water on soiled carpet and gently blot with a sponge. 3. Mix 8 parts cold water with 1 part clear dish detergent
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How to Get the Yellow Out of White Clothes
Clothing can become stained in many different ways. One of the most frustrating stains is the dreaded yellow, sweat stain on a nice, white shirt. Regardless of the different methods used to eradicate the stain, it is often fruitless labor. Commercial... More »
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