How do you get the yellow color out of white clothes?


You can get the yellow out of white clothes by using a whitening product. These are available in powder or sachet format. They either get put in the drum or the detergent dispenser of your washer. You could also use bleach in small amounts. Some people swear by line drying their clothes in the sun to whiten clothes.
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1. Read the care tag on the clothing to determine the hottest water setting it can handle. Set the washing machine to warm or hot water. 2. Add 1 cup of water-softening powder or
1 Immediately soak clothing in ammonia, preferably in a sink. Use just plain ammonia you get at the grocery store. You may not want to open a window because the smell can help the
Those stains are really hard to get out!! The best luck I've had is with products used to remove iron (iron-out or probably any other similar product). However, I wouldn't recommend
For an immediate treatment of a bleach stain, you may want
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How to Get the Yellow Out of White Clothes
Clothing can become stained in many different ways. One of the most frustrating stains is the dreaded yellow, sweat stain on a nice, white shirt. Regardless of the different methods used to eradicate the stain, it is often fruitless labor. Commercial... More »
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