How do you get thicker legs?


The best way to get thicker legs is to do leg exercises. Some popular exercises that will help thicken legs include squats, hamstring lifts, alternatively you could exercise your legs by jogging or riding a bicycle.
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1. Start with a nutritious, protein-rich diet to help your legs build muscle. Have protein with each meal; for instance, a breakfast with eggs or egg whites, lunch of tuna fish, and
You an get your thighs larger by doing a workout on a stair master or stair stepper. You can also try doing squats with weights. These exercises will increase the muscles in your
Thick Legs. You can get "thick" in one of two ways: fat or muscle. Fat is easy to gain. However, very few people find it attractive, even men who prefer curvier women. Moreover
Do leg muscle building excerises. Thats all i think you can do because if you try to pack fat weight onto your legs, itss going to make you alot fatter in other areas. Look up leg
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