How do you get through Cerulean Cave?


In order to get through Cerulean Cave, go through the maze like structure and go picking important items as you meet many pokemons. Use your master ball to capture and defeat the strong pokemon, Mewtwo. Then use ultra balls to put the Pokémon to sleep and from then you can leave the cave.
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you have to get all the gym badges in kanto.
1. Take the ferry to Vermilion City. 2. Fly to Cerulean City from Vermilion City. 3. Go north from Cerulean City into Route 24. 4. Surf south from Route 24. Continue to surf south
You had to go to One Island, talk to Celio, and finish that side quest he gives you. Then you have to beat the Elite 4 again (they're much harder this time. Also, if Lorelei isn't
its hard to explain, just keep taking ladders down and save before mewtwo, its the best i can describe
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To get to cerulean cave, one has to take the ferry to Vermillion City the fly to Cerulean city. Head north onto route 24 and then surf south from there from where you will find the Cerulean Cave.
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