How to Get Tousled Curly Hair?


To get tousled hair, first wash your hair with warm water and shampoo and condition it. Secondly, dry your hair using a hair dryer to preserve natural waves and curls. Next, get out a hair gel or mousse and add a small amount of product to your palms. Rub the product between your palms so that all hands are covered. Once your hair is set unroll the curlers and style your hair with your fingers instead of using a brush. Finally, to maintain your tousled look from turning slopping, use gel.
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No-Heat Knockout. Women with thick, naturally wavy hair can repurpose that volume without heat-styling tools. Wash and condition your hair with volumizing products. Towel-dry your
1 Start the night before. Wash hair in warm warm water and apply shampoo to the roots and try to leave the length un-shampooed. Rinse. Ad 2 Condition the lengths, because this helps,-Sexy-Bed-Hair
Use Umberto Gigianni messy texture cream! - don't apply too much and i recomend just doing the ends. OR use the same brands backcomb in a bottle spray. Source(s) me.
Begin by washing hair with a volumizing shampoo. A popular one is Amplify by Matrix. If
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How to Get Tousled Hair
Tousled locks may look effortless, but recreating this carefree, fresh-from-the-beach hairstyle requires some time in front of the mirror. Luckily, the look works on nearly any hair texture as long as you have at least a few inches of length to transform.... More »
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