How to Get Tousled Curly Hair?


To get tousled hair, first wash your hair with warm water and shampoo and condition it. Secondly, dry your hair using a hair dryer to preserve natural waves and curls. Next, get out a hair gel or mousse and add a small amount of product to your palms. Rub the product between your palms so that all hands are covered. Once your hair is set unroll the curlers and style your hair with your fingers instead of using a brush. Finally, to maintain your tousled look from turning slopping, use gel.
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You can buy herbal essences tousle shampoo, the hair mask in that scent is gorgeous! Other than that, when you've washed your hair, brush it through and towel dry it, leave it to
1. Wash and condition your hair. Mark Garrison of Ladies' Home Journal suggests using a smoothing shampoo on curly hair, but avoiding a heavy conditioning product. 2. Towel-dry your
To "tussle" your hair is to playfully mess up one's hair.
some sort of curling spray will help, stick that on your hair when its wet, after towel drying. next, blow dry your hair but sort of scrunch it and dry the bit all scrunched up in
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How to Get Tousled Hair
Look amazing with the tousled hair style. It is more romantic, flirty and voluminous than sleek straight or curly hair. This hairstyle is favored by many celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jessica Simpson. The look is achievable for most girls with... More »
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