How to Get Ungrounded?


The way to get ungrounded is to do good deeds. Do some chores around the house. Sweep, do dishes, or do laundry. One may have to wait out the punishment, however.
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1. Reflect on what you did to get grounded. If you angered your parents, try not to fan the flames by talking back or presenting a snarky attitude. 2. Abide by the punishments set
1. Ground Yourself First. You must be mentally and emotionally stable in order to ground someone else. Connect your legs, your nervous system to the earth. 
You need roots and
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What kind of mom do you have? i would kill my self if i had ur mom. be nice to her? do whatever she wants u to do. clean the house. bake her a cake. make something special for her
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To get your parents to unground you, you want to behave very well and follow all of their rules. You can then sit them down and explain that you are truly sorry ...
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