How to Get Water out of Gasoline?


If you're referring to water that has accumulated in your car's gas tank, you can buy a product called DryGas. Drygas added to your tank will absorb the water and allow your car to run smoother.
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1. Add dry isopropanol alcohol (IPA) to your fuel tank at a ratio of about 1/2 ounce of IPA per gallon of water-contaminated fuel. 2. Drive your car as usual. If you had only slight
Dilute gasoline.
Water is heavier than gasoline. You can remove water from gasoline by pouring
The only place in the world where gas is said to be cheaper than bottled water is Venezuela. It's $0.18 per gallon or $0.047 per liter. $0.18/gal, $0.047/L > Venezuela [1]
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If this is water in the tank of your car (mixed in with gas), one thing to try is a product called Heet. It is supossed to dry up the water. You put it right in the gas tank, wait a few minutes then start up the car.
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