How do you get water out of gasoline?


If you're referring to water that has accumulated in your car's gas tank, you can buy a product called DryGas. Drygas added to your tank will absorb the water and allow your car to run smoother.
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1. Sprinkle baking soda on the gasoline stain to soak up any excess gasoline. Let the baking soda sit for about 30 minutes. 2. Shake off the excess baking soda. 3. Dampen the stain
Wondering how to get water out of your ear? It's best to first try methods that don't include adding additional fluid to your ear, even if the liquid is white vinegar or rubbing alcohol
About a month ago gasoline spilled in my car when I was bringing home a small tank full for my lawn mower. I thought I would never get the overpowering gasoline smell out, but here
1. Pour the oil and water into an empty 2L soda bottle. Place the bottle on a flat surface and let it sit until all the water and oil have separated. Leave the cap off the bottle.
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If this is water in the tank of your car (mixed in with gas), one thing to try is a product called Heet. It is supossed to dry up the water. You put it right in the gas tank, wait a few minutes then start up the car.
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