How to Get Wax off a Wood Table?


Getting wax off a wood table can be done with the use of vinegar. One can use vinegar diluted in equal parts of water for wiping the surface of the wooden table. One can also try to use mineral spirits in removing the wax.
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How to Get Wax Off a Wood Table
After a relaxing evening sitting by the candlelight and enjoying the glow of the flame, you realize the candle has dripped wax on your wood table. Do not worry, you can remove the wax without harming the wood table. This heat-free wax-removal method does... More »
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1. Fill a plastic baggie with ice cubes and seal the bag. 2. Place the ice-cube-filled plastic baggie on top of the spilled wax. Leave the baggie on the wax for 20 minutes. The cold
I have heard that putting down some paper towels then lightly ironing them works for stuff like carpet- may work for you.
Apply an ice cube the wax to harden it. Gently scrape off as
Use newspaper or a Brown paper bag. Place the paper on the wax,heat the paper with a hairdryer and the wax should come up. Clean the residue with a wood cleaner like Orange Glow.
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To remove candle wax drips from a wood table with heat, try using a hair dryer on low to slowly melt the wax and wipe it up with a hot washcloth so it does not ...
1. Set the blow dryer to the medium heat setting and turn it on. Direct the heat of the blow dryer onto the hardened wax drips and continue applying heat until ...
To remove candle wax from wood furniture, place a piece of newspaper over the wax. Set an iron to a low setting and place on the newspaper for about 5 seconds. ...
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