How do you get wax off of a wood table?


Getting wax off a wood table can be done with the use of vinegar. One can use vinegar diluted in equal parts of water for wiping the surface of the wooden table. One can also try to use mineral spirits in removing the wax.
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1. Fill a plastic baggie with ice cubes and seal the bag. 2. Place the ice-cube-filled plastic baggie on top of the spilled wax. Leave the baggie on the wax for 20 minutes. The cold
In order to get wax off skin as painless as possible, you need to microwave a fourth of a cup of baby oil. It doesn't need to be warmed for more than a few seconds, and you will need
Apply an ice cube the wax to harden it. Gently scrape off as
vinegar is a good floor cleaner.i have tried it and it works great,but the smell is horrendous!
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How to Get Wax Off a Wood Table
No matter how well you care for your furniture, accidents do happen. Take that oh-so-carefully-planned candlelit dinner that left wax on your new table, for instance. When the inevitable wax spill occurs, the savvy homeowner wastes no time sighing over... More »
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