How to Get White Clothes White Again?


The secret to getting white clothes white again is bleach. For tough stains, pre-soak the item in a mixture of boiling water and one cup of distilled vinegar.
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1. Scrape off any excess White Out using a spoon. Take care not to stretch the fabric. 2. Turn the clothing inside out and spray WD-40 on the back side of the stain. 3. Return the
1. Submerge the top of the shoes in a bowl of water and remove quickly. This dampens the shoes without soaking the soles. 2. Place the shoes on a dry towel with the top facing upward
1. Pre-test all stain-removing solutions on a small area of the garment using a white cloth. If the color bleeds onto the cloth after applying the agent, discontinue use and consider
1. Lay out a white cloth on a table and place the stained area of your clothes on top. 2. Dip a small amount of acetone, an organic solvent, onto a new cloth. 3. Use the acetone to
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How to Make White Clothes White Again
Making white clothes white again can be done by soaking the garments in 2 cups of lemon juice and 1 cup of salt, ringing them gently and hanging them in the sun to dry. Whiten and brighten clothing with advice from a professional house cleaner in this... More »
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