How can one get wrinkles out of a satin dress?


A steam iron is one of the best ways to get wrinkles out of a satin dress at home. You can also hand the dress on the bathroom door and run a hot shower to create steam. Another option would be to take the dress to a dry cleaner.
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1. Put your iron on a low setting with steam. It is very important to use steam when you are getting wrinkles out of a satin dress. A dry, hot iron could actually melt the satin and
Run a very hot shower & close the door with the dress hanging in
1. Iron the shirt. The iron is your best best for removing all the wrinkles from your shirt. Use an ironing board and turn the iron to the appropriate heat setting based on the material
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How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Satin Dress
A satin dress is a beautiful choice for special occasions like weddings, baptisms or awards ceremonies. But what do you do if you notice you have wrinkles in the dress and no time to take it to the dry cleaner or a bridal store to have it steam-pressed?... More »
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