How to Get Wrinkles out of Suede?


One way to get wrinkles out of a suede garment is to steam them out. For instance, if you have a suede coat that is wrinkled, hang it in your bathroom on the back of the bathroom door. You don't want to hang it on the shower curtain rod because that is too close to the moisture of the water and water is not good for suede. After you hang up the coat, turn the hot water on in the bathtub and run until the bathroom gets steamy. After about 10 to 12 minutes, remove the coat from the bathroom.
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1. Try to remove the wrinkles from your suede leather garment manually. Pull an item out of the closet or a suitcase and run the material between your hands. 2. Place the nubuck item
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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Suede
Suede is leather with raised naps. Its softness and pliability make it suitable for clothing but the thinness makes it delicate and susceptible to wrinkles. Storing suede garments in roomy closets will prevent them from developing wrinkles.... More »
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To get wrinkles out of sued hang the suede on a hanger letting it to be able to loosely let the wrinkles just come out on their own which most of them will. Then hang it in a cool place but not in a secluded place such as a closet. While the suede is still hanging take a suede brush and gently brush the suede in a downward motion. And then lastly wear your garment and the wrinkles will fall out.
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