How do you get Yahoo email on an Xperia Android mobile?


If you want to set a yahoo mail on xperia, first; make sure that the WiFi is turned off. Click the E-mail icon and enter your yahoo mail address. Go to Manual Setup and then to Incoming Server Settings. select the IMAP server and enter the port to 143. For Outgoing Server Settings, select the SMTP Server to and enter the port to 587. Go to Require sign in and select next. Choose, how often the device Droid checking e-mail, and select the default options. Give your account name and specify a name for outgoing messages. You will now be able to recieve mail from Yahoo to your phone
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Hi Swede, If your Yahoo™ email account is not working when you are using the preloaded email application that came with the phone, I suggest that you download an application
it depends on your phone model. but turn off puch notifications. it will fix.
You need to switch to Desktop Mode, got to your profile and change the communication preferences.
Well on my iPhone, the yahoo site has a mobile tab at the bottom of the page. So probably it should be the same.
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