How do you get Yahoo email on an Xperia Android mobile?


If you want to set a yahoo mail on xperia, first; make sure that the WiFi is turned off. Click the E-mail icon and enter your yahoo mail address. Go to Manual Setup and then to Incoming Server Settings. select the IMAP server and enter the port to 143. For Outgoing Server Settings, select the SMTP Server to and enter the port to 587. Go to Require sign in and select next. Choose, how often the device Droid checking e-mail, and select the default options. Give your account name and specify a name for outgoing messages. You will now be able to recieve mail from Yahoo to your phone
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Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to send emails to contact lists when using the Yahoo Mail app for Android.I'm very sorry about that. I recommend you send this idea to our
on the right top corner of yahoo home page, after u sign in, theres a thing that says yahoo text alert, or sms alert... try
Outlook Express is a Windows-based program for handling email. It doesn't run on mobile phones. What is important is the name of your email provider (such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc) and
If you are having problems with your email/Yahoo answers and need technical help contact customer care at: Yahoo! Customer Service. 866-562-7219. 408-349-3300. 408.349.1572.
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