How to Get Yahoo Email on Xperia Android Mobile?


If you want to set a yahoo mail on xperia, first; make sure that the WiFi is turned off. Click the E-mail icon and enter your yahoo mail address. Go to Manual Setup and then to Incoming Server Settings. select the IMAP server and enter the port to 143. For Outgoing Server Settings, select the SMTP Server to and enter the port to 587. Go to Require sign in and select next. Choose, how often the device Droid checking e-mail, and select the default options. Give your account name and specify a name for outgoing messages. You will now be able to recieve mail from Yahoo to your phone
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1. Press and hold your finger on the Yahoo chat text to highlight it, then select "Copy. The chat text will save to your Android device's clipboard. This method is acceptable
just go to your photo options.
If you've got a data plan, just to Yahoo! Mail from your phone's
This should work 1 - Press the 'mail' app on your phone 2 - Press 'Other (POP3/IMAP)' 3 - Enter your Yahoo E-Mail address and password 3a - Press 'Manual Setup' 4 - Press IMAP 5 -
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I think the easiest way to do this is at Opt-in. Make it an unrequired dropdown/checkbox with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Other. Add this in your preference center ...
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