Why do boys give girls promise rings?


At one time or another, many boys find themselves wondering how to give a girl a promise ring. There are lots of different ways to give a girl a promise ring. The most important thing is to make it a romantic and special event that you will both always remember. Be sure to plan a special date doing something that you both love, and when the time is right present her with the gorgeous promise ring.
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1. Buy a ring that shows you pay attention to what she likes. Consider what her tastes are: if she prefers gold to platinum, gaudy rocks or dainty stones, or if she favors her ruby
1 Know the purpose and predict the recipient's reaction. If you are giving a promise ring as a sign of friendship, or to someone you've only recently been dating, pick something simple
Cook her a really nice dinner and surprise her with it. Put it in a...
Hey man thats cool, you have some romantic tendencies about you. I would just say when you actually ask to marry her take her back to the same place and ask her to marry you. I think
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How to Give a Girl a Promise Ring
A promise ring, as the name implies, symbolizes a commitment a young couple has made to each other. Sometimes the ring signifies the pair's intention to eventually become engaged; others wear them to show they are dating each other exclusively. These... More »
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