How to Give a Good Reference?


To give a good reference, first ask the candidate to provide you with a list of items he/she would like included in the letter, this will give you a good foundation on which to craft your reference again ask for specific information and dates that are relevant then use a reference letter template if you are unsure of where to start also explain how you know the applicant, in what capacity and the length of time you have known him where this is especially helpful to the reader because it gives an idea of the depth of your relationship and if you have only known the applicant for a short period of time, make the capacity of your interaction the focus of the letter.
Q&A Related to "How to Give a Good Reference?"
1. Begin your letter by introducing yourself, and stating that you're writing a reference letter for your friend. State how long you have known your friend. Do not ramble on about
1 Walk into a bookstore or library [1] with a specific ideal in mind. This ideal should be based around exactly how detailed you want the book to be. Do you want it general and simple
Getting a good professional reference can be tough, especially when it comes to getting a reference from a busy boss or supervisor. The truth is, your boss might be angry you are
Yes, think of a specific think that your co-worker has helped you with. Or something that is true about their work ethic. Punctuality, willingness to work overtime, professionalism.
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