How to Give a Guy Head for the First Time?


It is easy to give a guy head for the first time. Concentrate on the tip of the penis because it is the most sensitive, which means it will feel the most good for the man. Also you can start at the bottom and work your way to the top while moving your tongue around it in circular motions. 
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there isnt really any steps..... i've gave my bf head a couple times, its fine... what i can tell you is that only like 1 out of 10 girls like it, i happen to be the one that likes
1 You need to learn how to give a great blow job if you want to have a better relationship - I know some girls hate giving them - but they don't realize how important this is to guys
The best thing to do is to find out what your partner prefers.
1. Find an old pair of glasses, sunglasses are fine, you may use the ones you wear regularly, but regular use may distort them. 2. Rub the ends of the glasses (the bits that go over
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There are a few ways in which to give guys better head. One way is to gently cup and play with his balls. Another way is to stroke his penis with your hand in ...
There is no one best way to give a guy head. You can start by licking the penis slowly and teasingly around the shaft. You can slowly take the penis in your mouth ...
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