How to Give Allergy Shots?


To give an allergy shot they must be done subcutaneous which is in the tissue under the skin. Your skin will absorb the medication and be distributed through the body to fight off the allergy. Talk to your doctor about how to give these shots correctly. Your pharmacy will help you to know the proper syringe type.
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1. Shake the bottle of antigen so that the powder and liquid are thoroughly mixed. 2. Remove the cap from your needle, plunge the needle into the rubber stopper of the antigen and
A general practitioner (family doctor) may be able to, but the specialist would be an allergist.
Hi, I hope everyone is having a good spring. Last time I wrote about being tested for allergies. This time I will discuss a common question that I receive-treating allergies with
Because adverse reactions to allergy shots may occur, your allergist has the right staff and equipment to identify and treat these reactions. If possible, allergy shots should be
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