How to Give the Perfect Hickey?


To give the perfect hickey you must first decide where you want to give the person a hickey. A popular spot for a hickey is on the neck. Next, you need to suck on that spot with your mouth until it looks like it is starting to create a bruise. This is a sign that the blood vessels have started to pop and a hickey is forming.
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Put your mouth on the side of her neck in a kissing shape. Leave your mouth
1. Find a private place for you and your partner to be intimate without interruption. Rid yourselves of all distractions. Turn off the television, radio, cell phone and pager. Focus
1. Know what a hickey is. A hickey, also known as a "love bite" or "kiss mark" is essentially a bruise caused by sucking or aggressively kissing another person's
suck on there neck alot still it turn red thats how you know you can give it out good.
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To give the perfect hickey you should start by sucking on the neck. Make sure you have good seal and suck for 30 seconds or longer. Wait a few minutes and see the hickey begin to appear.
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Giving a hickey with braces can be difficult but can be done. However, it is slightly painful due to the sucking action in the mouth. ...
If you are wondering how to give a hickey to a guy, the good news is that it is a fairly easy process. A hickey is a result a capillaries under the skin breaking ...
You can practice giving a hickey on your own skin, use the inside of your arm. Open your mouth as if to form the letter 'o' and press your open lips against the ...
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