How to Give Yourself a B12 Injection?


To give yourself a B12 injection, you can select several sites on your body. Doctors usually recommend that you give yourself the injection in the outer thigh, about half way between the hip and the knee. You can also give the injection into your outer buttocks or your upper arm.
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1. Wash your hands thoroughly. Unwrap the syringe if it is sealed in plastic. Set it (with needle cover on the needle) the B12 vial, a cotton ball and the container of alcohol on
Usually I give it to patients in the Upper Outer Quadrants of the buttocks. There is more muscle there to absorb the medicine. The needle also should be inserted all the way to ensure
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To prevent vitamin B12 deficiency, vegans should take adequate amounts of vitamin B12 supplements to make up for the shortage in their diet. For people who cannot absorb B12, the
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