How do you give yourself a B12 injection?


To give yourself a B12 injection, you can select several sites on your body. Doctors usually recommend that you give yourself the injection in the outer thigh, about half way between the hip and the knee. You can also give the injection into your outer buttocks or your upper arm.
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1. Wash your hands thoroughly. Unwrap the syringe if it is sealed in plastic. Set it (with needle cover on the needle) the B12 vial, a cotton ball and the container of alcohol on
Injecting Vitamin B12 is pretty simple. It is an intramuscular injection, meaning you don't have to inject into a vein. Discuss with your doctor whether he or she recommends arm/stomach
I have been giving myself b12 and lipotropics shots for 2 months now and the results have been great. I started it to lose weight and get more energy and it really works! I do get
In my experience, they seem to be helpful for a select group of people in maintaining their own weight loss efforts. There's really no physiologic reason that, on their own, these
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