How to Give Yourself a Fade?


You can give yourself a fade haircut, by using a number to guard on the top of your head. Use a number one guard on the sides of your head and a 2 1/2 guard the fade them together.
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1. Place a "Number 1" or "Number 2" clipper guard on the end of the clippers (or don't use a guard at all) The shadow fade requires very short hair on the back
You can learn how to give a fade haircut with haircutting shears at home. A fade or faded haircut is a short hairstyle that generally increases in length from the bottom to the top
1. Purchase a set of professional-grade clippers. Make sure they come with at least 5 different guard sizes. It's also a good idea to purchase a professional trimmer, which is used
First you'll need to remove any old nail polish thoroughly. Use cotton balls moistened with nail polish remover being careful not to damage the polish on your fingernails. Next, soak
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How to Give Yourself a Fade Cut
Skip a trip to the barber by giving yourself a basic fade haircut at home. Given entirely with electric clippers, a fade cut allows you to cut your hair without having to use scissors. A style popular with men who prefer a short, sharp look, fade-cut... More »
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Giving yourself a fade is very easy. You might just want to make sure you have a mirror behind you to see the back of your hair. You just use the number 1 razor and cut all your hair. It will be very short but not bald. Also you have to go one way, either from the back up, or the top down.
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You can give yourself a fade haircut by using a no guard at the bottom of the hair line and work up about two inches making sure that when you go up with the clippers ...
How to give yourself a haircut with clippers will depend on what kind of haircut you want. I use clippers to do fades by starting with the smallest clipper comb ...
Giving yourself stitches can be dangerous. To give yourself stitches, make sure your equipment is clean. You also need to clean the wound before stitching it. ...
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