How to Give Yourself a Fade Haircut?


You can give yourself a fade haircut by using a no guard at the bottom of the hair line and work up about two inches making sure that when you go up with the clippers you bend your wrist up towards the top. Then you blend in with a half an inch guard and keep going up changing guards as you go to blend in the hairline as you go.
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You can learn how to give a fade haircut with haircutting shears at home. A fade or faded haircut is a short hairstyle that generally increases in length from the bottom to the top
1. Shampoo and towel dry hair. 2. Lay out a newspaper underneath your work station to catch falling hair. 3. Part hair into six even sections. Use bobby pins to keep the sections
1. Purchase a set of professional-grade clippers. Make sure they come with at least 5 different guard sizes. It's also a good idea to purchase a professional trimmer, which is used
Giving yourself a fade cut is not easy, good luck! Begin by cutting...
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It is quite simple to give yourself a fade haircut, and all you will need is a set of clippers. Start by cutting your hair the same length, but only trim a small amount off. Now you can switch out the guard and put a smaller one on. Start at the base of the skull and work your way up but do not cut the top off. Now be sure you are blending in the bottom with the top and continue switching to lower sizes until you are satisfied with the length. Now you can decide if you want more off the top or to keep the length as is.
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