How to Give Yourself a Fever?


There is no medically safe way to give yourself a fever. One way to 'fake a fever' for a short amount of time would be to take a hot shower, wear many layers of clothes and then sleep with the heater on full blast. When you wake up you will most likely have the illusion of being warm to the touch!
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Easy.Eat a little pee made me sick as a dog! Make yourself sick? duh.
Fever is usually an sign that the body is fighting off some type of infection. A fever is defined as a body temperature that rises above your normal body temperature. The average
place something warm against your forehead and face, when i was young i used to climb under a bunch of blankets, and waited a while till i was really warm beore searching my parents
Place a bar of lye soap under your armpit. Hold it there for about
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