How to Go about Adopting Your Stepson?


In most cases, stepchild adoption is much like any other type of adoption. The stepparent files a petition; documents are submitted to the court indicating that the absent parent has consented to the adoption, and the court process proceeds. However, laws change from state to state so you should be familiar to which laws apply to you.
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Answer Talk to the SURROGATE in the county in which you live. Each County has one within the Courthouse, and they are in charge of all adoptions.
1. File a motion to terminate the biological parent's rights, if needed. Go to your local family court to get the forms and file the motion. Usually the Clerk of the Court can help
Hi Marsha, It's always best to get the advice of an attorney in your state who will be familiar with the laws and procedures of that state. However, to give you some additional information
First thing you need to do is contact an attorney. Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation where they will explain exactly what steps need to be taken in order for you to
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