How to Go on Blocked Sites at School?


Log into your account and open command prompt(start>programs>acccessories>command>prompt), Then type in net user and enter. Type in net user adminstrator password and just set it to password. Log off and log back in again with Username as Adminstrator and Password as Password. Get back to command prompt and then type in control panel, on the left side with options hit switch to classic view, hit add remove hardware, find the blocked list and remove it. Have fun!
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1. Open a Web browser and navigate to a free Web proxy server. Popular servers include Dart Speed, Limit Path and Proxy Dozer. 2. Type "" in the address bar
they want you to only go on "educational" sites. i think most of it is is kind of stupid. you should noot be allowed to go on bad sites like sexual stuff but why not allow
Have you ever asked, "How do I block a Web site from my PC?" If you've got kids you're trying to monitor and protect, this is probably a question you've asked yourself.
1. Decide on the best academic institution for your educational goals. A number of institutions and academic programs are designed with the working adult and returning student in
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