How can you graph the equation "y=3x?"


To graph y=3X, you will begin with a plot of two points. Determine what you would like x and y to be equal to, or solve for them using the rest of the equation. Then, plot the two points and draw a line that goes through them.
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A graph cannot be sent over text. The equation y=3X will be graphed...
That would be a very simple graph, in the form of a straight line. The line passes through the origin, that is, the intersection of the x and y axes, since as you see from the defining
Yes, you have the slope, it is -2/3. In the Y-intercept form Y=aX+b, you have a slope of negative 2/3 (a" and a Y-intercept of 0 (b" So, Y-intercept of 0 means it passes
1. Draw a standard graph by having a vertical line intersect a horizontal line to make a large cross. If you are using a calculator, simply use your device's graphing application.
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No, not every linear equation will have an x and a y intercept. If the line crosses both the x and y axes, then it will, but not every line will cross both axes. ...
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