How can you graph the equation "y=3x?"


To graph y=3X, you will begin with a plot of two points. Determine what you would like x and y to be equal to, or solve for them using the rest of the equation. Then, plot the two points and draw a line that goes through them.
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y=3x is a line with a slope of negative 3. A line of x=5 implies it will be a vertical line at x=5, because x will always be -5 at all y values on this line. I'll include a sketch
A graph cannot be sent over text. The equation y=3X will be graphed...
The number in front of the x is the slope of the line and the number added (or subtracted) to the x part is the y intercept. So this form of a line is called slope intercept form.
Obtain the points coordinates for the equation y = 3x: For x = 1, y = 3(1) = 3, hence the point is (1, 3). Similarly, for x = 2, y = 3(2) = 6, hence the point is (2, 6). For x = 3
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