How to Grow Baby Spinach?


To grow baby spinach, plant the seeds in the spring or late fall. Space the seeds about 1.5 to 2 feet apart. Cover them lightly with soil and keep them watered. You should see the plants in about a week or two. Thin out the seedlings to about 0.5 feet apart when the plants are about 0.5 inch tall. The roots of spinach aren't very deep, so you'll need to water the plants often. They're ready to harvest when they're about three inches tall.
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1. Fill planting trays with seed starting mix. Water it well and press it down lightly, but don't pack it in. When you're done, it should be about 3 ½ to 4 inches deep. Set
Learning how to grow spinach in your garden is a good start to providing fresh vitamin-filled leafy vegetables to your diet. Spinach health benefits are numerous and it is easy to
1. Grow spinach in USDA Hardiness Zones three through nine. Spinach is extremely cold-hardy and fares well in these mild to cold climate zones. This cold-weather crop prefers temperatures
Spinach is a leaf vegetable (a flowering plant) and grows on the ground.
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