How to Grow Blood Worms?


So you want to grow your own blood worms. Well you can pretty easily. To get started you will need a container, water pump, water and some dead plant material. You can find more information here:
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1. Prepare soil for planting and material for the worms to eat. Take natural soil, without any fertilizers or pesticides, and mix in 15 percent dry organic matter, such as leaves
cause the ground is cold.
1. Build a worm bed. Building a bed to raise earthworms enables you to keep the soil in which you raise the worms contained. You have a choice of several materials to make your bed
(blŭd'wûrm') n. Any of various red, segmented marine worms of the genera Polycirrus and Enoplobranchus that have bright red bodies and are often used for bait. The freshwater
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This requires a 60cm x 40cm x 40cm container. You will need a small pump and dead leaves to place at the bottom of the tank. Add water to your tank then the pump and leaves. The leaves will settle eventually. Add blood worm eggs and in two weeks you should have blood worms.
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