How do you grow cherimoya?


Cherimoya can be grown from seed, but are often grafted to other rootstock. They begin producing fruit at about 4 years old and are often grown as houseplants because they cannot withstand freezing temperatures.
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1. Dig up the soil in the planting area to twice as large as the nursery container. Loosen the soil and work in 1 to 2 inches of seasoned compost. Dig out the planting hole in the
Too many to count. Even one protein, which is still abundant within the fruit, is composed of hundreds of amino acids. Since one fruit can have millions of proteins, there is just
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To eat the exotic cherimoya cut in half and just scoop out the flesh and eat. Do not eat
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How to Grow Cherimoya
The cherimoya is a fruit produced on evergreen trees native to South America. Cherimoya fruits are green, heart- or cone-shaped and grow from 4 to 8 inches in length. They have white flesh and a very sweet flavor when fully ripe, which occurs from... More »
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