How do you grow cucumbers in a greenhouse?


If growing indoors, plant two cucumbers in a growing bag at the end of May and support with a garden cane attached to the ceiling of the greenhouse. If your greenhouse is heated, plants can go into bags from March. Plant outdoor cucumbers in early summer. A week or so before planting, acclimatise plants by putting them in a cold frame. Alternatively, stand in the shelter of a shaded wall and cover with fleece. Prepare the soil well, adding plenty of well-rotted manure and space plants 90cm (35in) apart. After planting, the top of the rootball should sit at the same level as the surface of the soil.
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1. Order or buy seeds from a reputable seed source. Look for the term "parthenocarpic" or "gynoecious" in the description. 2. Prepare a greenhouse system that
1 Choose the right kind of cucumber. In general, bush varieties are easier to grow in pots than vine varieties, which need a trellis to climb and spread out on. Varieties that are
World record is 6'2" long.
Fertilizer I would use would be a slow release organic fertilizer (you are what you eat). as far as sunlight minimum is 6 hours. Sunlight is generally not a problem of having to much
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How to Grow Greenhouse Cucumbers
The parthenocarpic cucumber is a type of cucumber vine that produces only female flowers and produces greenhouse cucumbers without the need for pollinators, such as bees, that provide fertilization by moving pollen from male to female flowers. Because... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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