How do you grow jacaranda?


Growing jacaranda requires that you plant them in fertile, well-drained sunny positions; they do not like heavy wet soils. Young plants require frost protection in their first year while the tops should be pruned if they blacken. Adequate watering is essential, especially in warmer months.
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1. Water the jacaranda tree once a week, or three weeks in the winter. In the heat of the summer, water every day. 2. Fertilize the jacaranda once a month from March through September
A healthy jacaranda can easily reach ten metres (30 feet) in height, and spread out to 30m wide.
Jacaranda can grow from 15' to 40' tall. It likes lots of sun and doesn't mind hot temperatures. The Jacaranda prefers a well drained sandy soil and isn't really fond of winds. Source
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How to Grow Jacaranda Trees
The jacaranda is a showy flowering tree, native to Brazil. With fern-like foliage and masses of fragrant purple flowers, it makes a stunning specimen planting. Jacaranda is deciduous and can create a bit of a mess when the flowers fall, so plant it away... More »
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