How do I grow out dyed hair?


In order to grow out dyed hair you have to work a little harder than if it hadn't been dyed. Dyed hair tends to be more damaged than your natural hair. Be sure to moisturize daily and trim as needed.
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1. Mix about 1 tsp. of the highlighting cream with about 1/4 tsp. of the activator that comes in the kit in a bowl. Put on the gloves that come in the package. 2. Apply the mixture
You need to apply peroxide to the hair in order to pull out the color that is already in there. You can go to a hair dresser for professional peroxide.
No it'll look fine, I doubt anyone will notice, and eventually it will look like ombré. But you could get a colour that is exactly your natural colour and then nobody will
1. Wash your hair with a purple-toned shampoo. The purple will counteractthe gold and yellow colors, neutralizing the brassiness. Use the shampoo twice a week for two to four weeks
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How to Grow Out Dyed Hair
If you dyed your hair in the past, but would now like to revert back to your old color, it is possible to grow out hair dye with minimal or no damage to your hair. If you have used a semi-permanent or demi-permanent dye, the color will fade from your... More »
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